Monday, October 8, 2012

Craft Day Project # 1

Project # 1 was a felt "cloud flower". I got the instructions from Their tutorial is probably better than mine will be, and pictures certainly are. On that topic, please excuse the poor quality of the pictures; the lighting was terrible and I'm learning a new program for pictures (PicMonkey-it's awesome). Anyway, here:

1. Cut out nine felt circles about the size you want your finished flower to be, plus one a bit smaller.
2. Put a spot of hot glue in the middle, fold in half; put a spot of glue in he middle of the newly formed edge, fold in half; repeat eight times.
3. You now have nine folded circles and one smaller unfolded circle.
4. Attach four folded circles to the small circle side by side with hot glue.
5. Attach four more on top; stagger them above the first layer. I didn't show this, but then just glue the remaining one in the middle of the "petals".
Ta-da, you now have a felt "cloud flower". I attached a hair clip, you can do whatever you want.


  1. Nice! I hope you and Abe are having fun :D

    1. Thanks! We had a ton of fun, and the fun isn't over yet! :)